Urban renewal cities

We help the public sector in effective planning methods and design solutions for today’s challenges

Many cities struggle with several problems regarding the functioning of systems within the city.
Rapid growth often causes strain on existing mobility systems, waterways, energy resources, green
spaces and the landscape.

Our involvement can assist local governments in analyzing and prioritizing these problems and
support in implementing integral and broad-based solutions to tackle these. The key is to transform
problems into opportunities for future development with clear and operational goals to achieve.

From strategies to operational projects

Most urban visions on a city scale, initiated by governments, lack a smart and operational strategy,
that help to define real projects with all stakeholders. Worldwide, this is the crucial step in urban
development processes. We know from experience that it’s essential to collaborate with partners
that have the lead in the operational phase of projects, and users, who are going to live, work or us
public the spaces.

Urban visions and strategies need to be linked with the evidential needs and demands of local
inhabitants, from inception.

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2006 – Structural Vision, Almere Haven

In preparation for a new political term, an operational agenda had to be developed based on visions for all districts of Almere.

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