Urban designs and visions

We deliver powerful and attractive urban proposals with a sense of fulfillment

We have experience in urban assignments at all scales, from region to street. We know how to design urban interventions with great impact on city scale or even regional scale. We use all means to visualize our designs and always seek visualization methods that are the most suitable in a certain phase of the process. Our designs are clear concise, visualizing opportunities and solutions for real problems and integral solutions for sustainable and attractive development of cities.

Debate by design

Additionally, we use our designs as instruments for dialogue with all stakeholders and users, which requires flexibility and a deep understanding of the need and demand of all stakeholders, that are involved. Our involvement can take the role of leading and/or reflecting on a process where different groups of stakeholders sketch and design their own ideas and solutions for a specific assignment.

Related Projects:

2013 – Catalogue Housing Typologies

Study of future complexes and isolated areas of land at the Infrastructural area of Deventer. Purpose was to create a future where enclaves would have different architectural expression.

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2009 – Vision, Southern Coastal Line, Almere

Vision for the Southern Coastal Line at Gooimeer. Purpose was to transform the coastal line into a more lively and attractive coast.

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2006 – Structural Vision, Almere Haven

In preparation for a new political term, an operational agenda had to be developed based on visions for all districts of Almere.

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