We always start with research within the existing context in order to understand a city better, as a starting point for the vision and design proposals.

Our approach is characterized by an analytical approach. We always use field and desk research as a means to understanding a city within its broad region. This gives us the necessary information to take an appropriate design approach, which is highly related to the challenges the city is facing today and to future needs and demands.

We have experience in research and analytical methods, which enable us to offer insight into relevant topics and needs.
In different design projects we used specific research methods. Such as:

  • research on the landscape characteristics for future development on the Eastern side of Almere.
  • research on the planning history of Almere as a starting point for future visions on city/regional scale and social impact.
  • research on the socio/historical context of Nicosia (Cyprus), as a starting point for the strategy for cultural exchange between both ethnic groups (thesis Academy of Architecture).
  • research on reasons and conditions for future development of different urban functions within the existing urban fabric of Almere.

Related projects:

2006 – Scenarios, East Side, Almere

Scenario formation with the aim of helping the local municipality in their consideration of the urban development agenda of Almere. Preparation guidelines for the structural vision of Almere, 2010-2040.

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2013 – Catalogue Housing Typologies

Study on alternative Housing Typologies, closely related to the existing landscape characteristics of Almere.

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