Newtown development

We help governments and developers in designing the basic structure and services for the
development of new cities or city districts

Building a new city district is a process that takes of years. The start is crucial and requires strong
knowledge of the city and the region. We understand the need for a strong relationship between the
existing city and New Town developments, contributing to the existing city in a way that can help the
city in uplifting its identity and economic development profile. Attractive New Towns are deeply
rooted in the original historical, social and physical context and retain this distinctive identity.

We have gained much experience and understanding through working for the largest and fastest
growing New Town within the Netherlands. We know what it takes to design and build an attractive
and functional New Town.

We use essential lessons from New Town development in the conception and design of future New

By conducting research into New Town developments we know what kind of urban design and vision
leads to a smart and sustainable foundation. Most top down plans are quite inflexible and hardly
based on adaptive principles, which are necessary for future adaptation in programs and spaces.
Besides the attractivity, New Town usually consist of housing and working places, separated into
different zones. Often this has led to systematic and efficient cities, at the cost of cities that are
attractive and sustainable.

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2009 – Study, Waterfront Development, Almere Haven

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