30 October 2015 Another succes in the collaboration between SUS and The Mobile Factory!

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30 October 2015

Another succes in the collaboration between SUS and The Mobile Factory!

Life saving polluter
Worldwide in volume rubble is the biggest polluter of the environment,caused by urban developments, wars and disasters.It not only causes a huge ecological footprint, i tkills people due to bad constructions. The Flying Dutchman of TheMobileFactory transforms rubble on location into certified building products for safe, affordable housing. No longer victims of disasters and wars and refugees on the run are forced to live in swampy tents for years. People in this situation become traumatized and have one hope: their own home, the basis of a future.
Self help, the break through of the poverty circle
The MobileFactory has not only developed a technology, fitting in 2 containers, to transform rubble into high qualified building materials, it has developed a constructionsystem, which allows victims of disaster and refugees to build their own homes. Our centre goalis to share knowledge and technology with organizations, which core business is to provide safe, dignified and affordable housing for these growing groups of victims.
TheMobile Factory creates valuables on different levels of the humanitarian society, the environment and the economica lsector. Humanitarian: The Flying Dutchman is a lowtec-hightouch method, enabling uneducated people transform rubble into building blocks in order to build their own homes and communities. Environmental: Re-using rubble on location reduces CO2 emissions. It develops awareness of the value of the environment and it saves costs on raw materials ,energy and transportation. Economical: Givin grubble a positive value instead of the negative value it has now, will create jobs for low-and uneducated labor and stimulates local economies.

• Sharing know how with relevant organizations
• Training unemployed, uneducated labor/job creation
• Implementing local sources
• Reducing environmental pressure
• Reducing cost in chain
• Production on location

SUS, together with The Mobile Factory, forms a think tank and working tank in the search for strategies for complex urban issues, which can also be converted into feasible and widely supported solutions. Governance, participation, build a better and healthier environment from recycling and community building can reinforce each other, in accordence of our phylosophy.