2016 – Spatial vision City center Almere

Gert BreugemNews


Survey and vision targeting future (re)development and renewal of Almere’s main center. The vision is part of the renewal of the Weerwater renewal district and focuses on improvement of Almere brand on structural basis. The vision of the city center is part of a city investment program, aiming to address crucial investments, as catalyzers for urban renewal and city branding.
The vision addresses optimalization of infrastructure and parking, improvement of the interaction with the residential areas and working centers, a more diversity of housing typologies, office location in relation to Almere central station, extending a mixture of functions, transformation empty offices, improvement landscaping existing routes to and inside the city center and improvement of the characteristics of the city squares.
The vision distinguish different zones of renewal, with different rates of complexity and assignments. All these assignment are set in a time table with priority to certain crucial interventions.

Munic. Of Almere – Type of plan: Survey and vision (re)development city center. Location: city center Almere. Status: ongoing. Collaborators: Municipality of Almere, stakeholders city center
Position: senior urban designer Municip. Of Almere – Dec. 2016