2015 – City game, Groene broedplaats Almere

Gert BreugemNews


The area between the center and the Filmwijk, along the track and Cinemadreef, is already fallow for decades. This is waste of precious space, near the city center. Stadslab Almere took a lead position and want to change this in collaboration with residents and different partners in the city. It’s a large property, in a beautiful location and excellent transport links. Stadslab Almere is a platform that people, ideas and money want to connect ‘to let fizz Almere. ,, Residents and civil society can come to us with sustainable creative plans and we will see together whether and how we can achieve. ”
The municipality of Almere took position to facilitate the process of City Lab Almere, by organizing a Play the city. This approach resulted into participation of all different partners showing interest in participation.
There are two zones: one unbuilt zone and one zone for temporally housing.
The overall filosofy is based on a selfsustainable community, with temporally housing, vegetable gardens and renewable energy and water buffering. This community has a great value at this part of the city by organizing activities (gardening, workshops, kooking) for the citizens.
There are now two project running:
1. Temporally housing in the plot of a former school
2. Development of a community building, as fulfilling the linkage between the future residents of the temporally houses and the vegetable gardens.

Munic. Of Almere – Type of plan: City game (placemaking), Location: Almere. Status: in implementation phase. Collaborators: City LAB Almere, Housing corporation Alliantie, different foundations, Aeres Hogeschool, Groenhorst College
Position: senior urban designer Municip. Of Almere – December 2015