2014 – Participation, VNG-International, Palestine

Gert BreugemNews


Workshop to develop a strategy for the municipality of Rawabi (newtown
project at the Westbank) as an instrument, leading to more a cohesive city planning framework.
Within the very sensitive social and political context of Palestine, a new town was built: Rawabi. Rawabi is a new town on the west bank (Palestine territory) and should demonstrate the future of economic and political development of the state of Palestine. The project is developing at a steady pace into a city with people, living, working and recreating. VNG-i was asked to assist in a local capacity building workshop targeting a strategy for future steps that have to be taken to move the control from builders and city planners to a new government and counsel. The main conclusion was that it is crucial that people start to live and work in the city and that there is a need for a government representing the need and demands of its citizens.
Moreover, the city is not yet finished and there is need for a regional branding of the city. A crucial part of the workshop was to think about some guidelines for a regional vision that contribute to the need of the surrounding villages, and that create opportunities for future economic developments, housing and infrastructure.

Municipality of Almere – Type of plan: Workshop,, Location: Rawabi, Westbank, Palestine territories, Program: capacity building workshop Rawabi municipality – Position: senior urban designer Municip. Of Almere – Status: ongoing