2013 – Toolbox landscaping Stedendreef, Almere

Gert BreugemNews


Toolbox of furnishing measures in preparation for the reconstruction and furnishing
plan of the Stedendreef Almere.
In preparation for a reconstruction of one of the important roads to the CBD of Almere, the Engineering department requested for a complete and integrated vision on the main road Stedendreef.
The reconstruction consists of a modification from 1×1 lane to 2×2 lanes, including a green zone as a divider. The result was a toolbox with options for the continuity of the road and options for the distinctive objects and elements along and crossing the road, to emphasize the characteristics of the landscape the road is crossing. The approach had two goals. The first was to visualize different options for the edge zones and the divider and the second was to visualize the options for a characteristic and distinctive landscape along the road, like bridges, tunnels, junctions and art.
This toolbox was the foundation for the layout plan of the whole road, in which some measures will be executed in different phases and time steps, due to finances.

Munic. Of Almere – Type of plan: Research, toolbox and lay out plan for reconstruction main road, Location: Almere, status: realized (2015)
Position: senior urban designer Municip. Of Almere – Dec. 2013