2011 – Vision re-development Ambachtsmark, Almere Haven

Gert BreugemNews


A vision of the transformation of a small scale industrial zone, including upgrading the
public space.
One of the program goals in the program plan adopted by the City Council in 2006 regarding Almere Haven is to strengthen the competitiveness of the working environment. One of the actions mentioned in the context of this objective, and thereby established, is to promote the renewal of the industrial estates such as the Ambachtsmark. The master plan is intended as a framework for future developments in and around the business park. The ambition is to give the Ambachtsmark a higher future value and and the same time contribute to the entrance of Almere Haven.

Munic. Of Almere – Type of plan: Vision as tool for a debate with local companies and citizens, Position: senior urban designer Municip. Of Almere – June 2011