2009 Wierden Stijlboek, guidelines bottom up transformation

Gert BreugemNews


The Wierden Stijlboek is a booklet with guidelines and inspiring examples on how the individual dwellings can be transformed in the future. The Wierden Stijlboek is part of the regeneration project De Wierden, Almere Haven
Together with our partner DUS architecture, we worked in close collaboration with the citizens on the Wierden Style Book. The Wierden Style Book provides inspiration and tools for everyone – from residents to towns and corporations- to change the comfort and the experience of home and the neighborhood to possibly improve them. This is done in order to preserve the important qualities of Wierden and strengthen it, by means of spatial transformations on a small and on a large scale. Using 10 fundamental principles, everyone can participate and contribute to a better neighborhood.

Munic. Of Almere – Type of plan: Supervision task, including book with guidelines transformation, Location: Almere Haven, Status: finished, Position: senior urban designer Municip. Of Almere – June 2009