2006 – Scenarios development Eastern Side, Almere

Gert BreugemNews


Scenario formation with the aim of helping the local municipality in their consideration of the urban development agenda of Almere. Preparation guidelines for the structural vision of Almere,
The development is one of the building blocks for a final concept for the scale jump of Almere which is part of the emergency program development of the Randstad. It describes several alternatives
for the development of the planning area, preceded by a sketch of the historical and spatial context and followed by an investigation of the effects and a key to economic feasibility. Choices are not made at this stage. The report allows for choices in relation to the higher scale of the city and the region. The scenarios help regional political authorities in making the right choices.

Mun of Almere – Type of plan: Scenarios with effects in helping politicians in their considerations of urban development agenda of Almere –Location: Almere, Status: strategy based on one of the scenario’s finished and in implementation phase, Position: senior urban designer Municip. Of Almere – June 2006