2003 – Study Redevelopment Northern entrance Historical Centre, Kampen

Gert BreugemNews


Study on the transformation of the Northern zone of the historical city of Kampen, including
a new waterfront near the river IJssel.
By restoring the old stronghold of Kampen, the city gets its allure back. The task was to create a vision for the northern location, close to the historical center of the city. This location is functional and physically disconnected from the city, which detracts from the image of the city. The idea is to re-establish the identity of a gate to the city, by creating a mixture of housing and commercial functions. Moreover the site at the lake will be characterised as a potential urban park with recreational functions. The contrast between the new gateway to the historical center and the urban park with a warehouse and small harbour strengthens the identity of this part of the city. The vision can be seen as a strategic plan involving cultural, recreational and housing in a balanced way.

Company: Grontmij – Urban study future redevelopment – northern edge historical centre Kampen – Location: Kampen, Status: realized, Client: Bemog project development BV, the Netherlands – January, 2003