Focus countries

We develop urban designs and strategies fast growing cities in the Third World

Many cities in the Third World struggle with identity. Often these cities grow rapidly, yet the majority
of city systems and utilities (like mobility/transport, facilities, water/sewer, electricity, etc.) are
insufficient to facilitate the rapid urbanization process. Moreover, due to political instability, wars
and/or natural disasters, many people in the Third World suffer from hunger, poor hygiene and lack
of basic services. The individual need is great, and many will never have opportunity to develop
themselves in order to gain quality income and shelter. For these the definition of an attractive city is
different. Clean drinking water, safe shelter and access to employment and basic services nearby are
the most important things to achieve.

Our focus rests on countries that are more developed or where there is a clear reason or need for
integral urban development (like post-war countries or countries in need the rapid rehabilitation of
urban areas after natural disaster).

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Intervention fields

Intervention fields are:

  • Urban renewal cities
  • New towns
  • Masterplanning
  • informal (spontaneous) interventions in existing urban areas
  • transformations in downtown areas
  • urban expansion areas (new town) fields
  • mixed urban areas
  • public spaces
  • waterfront / coastal development
  • infrastructure