We assist in the exploration of necessary changes to existing infrastructure along with optimal spatial
integration of new infrastructure within the current urban context.

We understand that one of the key elements for economic development is an appropriate
infrastructure. A binding and intense connection between cities and outer regions is crucial for a
strong and competitive city (within the region/country/world). Cities significant congestion will be
avoided and can be disastrous for people who are reliant on transport because of on the periphery of
the city and its economic centres.

We believe that continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of existing infrastructure and public
systems is crucial to timely intervention. Moreover, the integration of new infrastructure or public
system lines is fundamental to the living conditions and economic prospects of urban facilities.

This all requires a well thought out strategy on building new, or adapting existing infrastructure in the
existing urban landscape, because of its huge social, economic and physical impact.

Our involvement can help by analyzing, modelling and scenario visualization to take the right
decisions in modification of existing infrastructure and mobility of cities.

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2004 – Study, Main Road System, Almere

Study on optimization of the existing main road system within the future growth
of the city.

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2013 – Toolbox, Furnishing Measures, Stedendreef, Almere

Toolbox of furnishing measures in preparation for the reconstruction and furnishing
plan of the Stedendreef Almere.

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