Design strategies

We help clients in developing strategies for the implementation of a design in the future, with different stakeholders

We always think of how visions and designs can be actualized, in a way the client expects. We bring different stakeholders and users together in order to create the best solution for all which involves experts and business in the process.

We know from experience the long term political commitment in these kinds of processes. That’s why we always seek partnerships with a local urban design company or organisation, to guarantee the progression of the project. We have a flexible and open mind because we understand that a design must be able to adapt over time to changing circumstances and needs.

Related Projects:

2006 – Scenarios, East Side, Almere

Scenario formation with the aim of helping the local municipality in their consideration of the urban development agenda of Almere. Preparation guidelines for the structural vision of Almere, 2010-2040.

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2005 – 2006 Thesis, Past the Green Line, Cyprus

Thesis Academy of Architecture. Project consisted of design interventions, facilitating cultural exchange on both sides of the so called Green line.

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2003 – Design Study/Strategy, La Paz, Bolivia

3rd Year Design Project at the Academy of Architecture. The project was a strategy enabling future growth of El Al by a series of facilities at the edge zone.

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