Advice upon request

We offer advice and reflection on upn design proposals on request, to support clients in making the best decisions

Advice can be requested in different phases of design processes. Like the initiative phase, where governments or developers can ask for a second opinion in a certain design approach or like the phase of exploration of certain design solutions in which a decision has to be taken for the best design or in the implementation phase where the architectural or spatial designs should be considered on its value related to the original vision and concept.

We have extensive experience in the whole process, so we understand the way designs relate to the original question and demand. We ensure a design is a clear and innovative expression of the original concept.

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2004 – Models, Community Centre, Botplein

In preparation for a new political term, an operational agenda had to be developed based on visions for all districts of Almere.

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2013 – Toolbox, Furnishing Measures, Stedendreef, Almere

Toolbox of furnishing measures in preparation for the reconstruction and furnishing
plan of the Stedendreef Almere.

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2003 – Urban Study, Redevelopment of Housing Estate Surinamelaan, Amersfoort

Study on the transformation of a green housing estate through modifications of the buildings and the green space.

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